The Goldbergs (2013) (2013)


Genre: Comedy , Na

Plot: Before there were parenting blogs, trophies for showing up, and peanut allergies, there was a simpler time called the '80s. For geeky 11-year old Adam these were his wonder years and he faced them armed with a video camera to capture all the crazy. The Goldbergs are a loving family like any other, just with a lot more yelling. Read More

Next Episode 8x18 Date: Apr 21st



Episode 17: Who’s Afraid of Brea Bee?
Episode 16: Couple Off
Episode 15: Bever-lé
Episode 14: Love Triangle
Episode 13: Mr. Ships Ahoy
Episode 12: The Lasagna You Deserve
Episode 11: Quaker Warden
Episode 10: Geoff’s New Hat
Episode 9: Cocoon
Episode 8: Bevy’s Big Murder Mystery Party
Episode 7: Hanukkah on the Seas
Episode 6: Eracism
Episode 5: Dee-Vorced
Episode 4: Bill’s Wedding
Episode 3: It’s All About Comptrol
Episode 2: The Prettiest Boy in School
Episode 1: Airplane!
Episode 23: Pretty in Pink
Episode 22: The Fake-Up
Episode 21: Oates & Oates
Episode 20: The Return of the Formica King
Episode 19: Island Time
Episode 18: Schmoopie's Big Adventure
Episode 17: A Fish Story
Episode 16: Body Swap
Episode 15: Dave Kim's Party
Episode 14: Preventa Mode
Episode 13: Geoff the Pleaser
Episode 12: Game Night
Episode 11: Pickleball
Episode 10: It's a Wonderful Life
Episode 9: The Beverly Goldberg Cookbook: Part 2
Episode 8: Angst-Giving
Episode 7: WrestleMania
Episode 6: A 100% True Ghost Story
Episode 5: Parents Thursday
Episode 4: Animal House
Episode 3: Food in a Geoffy
Episode 2: Dana's Back
Episode 1: Vacation
Episode 23: Breakin'
Episode 22: Mom Trumps Willow
Episode 21: I Lost on Jeopardy
Episode 20: This is This is Spinal Tap
Episode 19: Eight-bit Goldbergs
Episode 18: The Beverly Goldberg Cookbook
Episode 17: Our Perfect Strangers
Episode 16: There Can Be Only One Highlander Club
Episode 15: My Valentine Boy
Episode 14: Major League'd
Episode 13: I Coulda Been a Lawyer
Episode 12: The Pina Colada Episode
Episode 11: The Wedding Singer
Episode 10: Yippee Ki Yay Melon Farmer
Episode 9: Bachelor Party
Episode 8: The Living Room: A 100% True Story
Episode 7: Bohemian Rap City
Episode 6: Fiddler
Episode 5: Mister Knifey-Hands
Episode 4: Hersheypark
Episode 3: RAD!
Episode 2: You Got Zuko'd
Episode 1: Sixteen Candles
Episode 22: Let's Val Kilmer This Car
Episode 21: Spaceballs
Episode 20: The Opportunity of a Lifetime
Episode 19: Flashy Little Flashdancer
Episode 18: MTV Spring Break
Episode 17: Colors
Episode 16: The Scrunchie Rule
Episode 15: Adam Spielberg
Episode 14: Hail Barry
Episode 13: The Hooters
Episode 12: Dinner with the Goldbergs
Episode 11: The Goldberg Girls
Episode 10: We Didn't Start the Fire
Episode 9: Parents Just Don't Understand
Episode 8: The Circle of Driving Again
Episode 7: A Wall Street Thanksgiving
Episode 6: Girl Talk
Episode 5: Jackie Likes Star Trek
Episode 4: Revenge o' the Nerds
Episode 3: Goldberg on The Goldbergs
Episode 2: Hogan Is My Grandfather
Episode 1: Weird Science
Episode 24: Graduation Day
Episode 23: Jedi Master Adam Skywalker
Episode 22: The Day After the Day After
Episode 21: Fonzie Scheme
Episode 20: The Dynamic Duo
Episode 19: A Night to Remember
Episode 18: Baré
Episode 17: Deadheads
Episode 16: The Kara-te Kid
Episode 15: So Swayze It's Crazy
Episode 14: The Spencer's Gift
Episode 13: Agassi
Episode 12: Snow Day
Episode 11: O Captain! My Captain!
Episode 10: Han Ukkah Solo
Episode 9: Globetrotters
Episode 8: The Greatest Musical Ever Written
Episode 7: Ho-ly K.I.T.T.
Episode 6: Recipe for Death II: Kiss the Cook
Episode 5: Stefan King
Episode 4: Crazy Calls
Episode 3: George! George Glass!
Episode 2: I Heart Video Dating
Episode 1: Breakfast Club
Episode 24: Have a Summer
Episode 23: Big Orange
Episode 22: Smother's Day
Episode 21: Rush
Episode 20: Dungeons and Dragons, Anyone?
Episode 19: Magic Is Real
Episode 18: 12 Tapes for a Penny
Episode 17: The Dirty Dancing Dance
Episode 16: Edward 'Eddie the Eagle' Edwards
Episode 15: Weird Al
Episode 14: Lainey Loves Lionel
Episode 13: Double Dare
Episode 12: Baio and Switch
Episode 11: The Tasty Boys
Episode 10: A Christmas Story
Episode 9: Wingmom
Episode 8: In Conclusion, Thanksgiving
Episode 7: Lucky
Episode 6: Couples Costume
Episode 5: Boy Barry
Episode 4: I Caddyshacked the Pool
Episode 3: Jimmy 5 is Alive
Episode 2: A Chorus Lie
Episode 1: A Kick-Ass Risky Business Party
Episode 24: Goldbergs Feel Hard
Episode 23: Bill/Murray
Episode 22: Dance Party USA
Episode 21: As You Wish
Episode 20: Just Say No
Episode 19: La Biblioteca Es Libros
Episode 18: I Drank the Mold!
Episode 17: The Adam Bomb
Episode 16: The Lost Boy
Episode 15: Happy Mom, Happy Life
Episode 14: Barry Goldberg's Day Off
Episode 13: Van People
Episode 12: Cowboy Country
Episode 11: The Darryl Dawkins Dance
Episode 10: DannyDonnieJoeyJonJordan
Episode 9: The Most Handsome Boy on the Planet
Episode 8: I Rode a Hoverboard
Episode 7: A Goldberg Thanksgiving
Episode 6: Big Baby Ball
Episode 5: Family Takes Care of Beverly
Episode 4: Shall We Play a Game?
Episode 3: The Facts of Bleeping Life
Episode 2: Mama Drama
Episode 1: Love Is a Mixtape
Episode 23: Livin' on a Prayer
Episode 22: A Wrestler Named Goldberg
Episode 21: The Age of Darkness
Episode 20: You're Not Invited
Episode 19: The President's Fitness Test
Episode 18: For Your Own Good
Episode 17: Lame Gretzky
Episode 16: Goldbergs Never Say Die!
Episode 15: Muscles Mirsky
Episode 14: You Opened the Door
Episode 13: The Other Smother
Episode 12: You're Under Foot
Episode 11: Kara-te
Episode 10: Shopping
Episode 9: Stop Arguing and Start Thanking
Episode 8: The Kremps
Episode 7: Call Me When You Get There
Episode 6: Who Are You Going to Telephone?
Episode 5: The Ring
Episode 4: Why're You Hitting Yourself?
Episode 3: Mini Murray
Episode 2: Daddy Daughter Day
Episode 1: The Circle of Driving