The Heart, She Holler (2011)


Genre: Comedy , Horror

Plot: The Heart, She Holler is a live action television series produced by PFFR for Adult Swim. The series, described as "Southern Gothic drama" and "an inside-out blend of soap opera and politically incorrect surrealist comedy," is about the long-lost son of the Heartshe dynasty – played by Patton Oswalt – returning to run the town and being locked in conflict with sisters Hurshe and Hambrosia. The show premiered on November 6, 2011, and its 14-episode second season premiered on September 11, 2013. The title of the series is a play on words, in that the name of the family which controls the town is "Heartshe", and "Holler" is an Appalachian pronunciation of the word "hollow", meaning small valley, essentially making it "The Heartshe Hollow". Read More



Episode 8: The Comening
Episode 7: Congroined Hearts
Episode 6: Slaughter Me to Heaven
Episode 5: Oralboros
Episode 4: Groaning Amore
Episode 3: Klansgender Rights
Episode 2: WUWPs
Episode 1: In Meatro
Episode 14: The Endginning
Episode 13: Gamebored
Episode 12: Preverse Psychologism
Episode 11: Hambrain Jan
Episode 10: Come Unity
Episode 9: Werelan
Episode 8: The DeArranged Marriage
Episode 7: An Emotional Can of Mommyworms
Episode 6: Pequiem for a Recker
Episode 5: Mu-Mu-Mu-Meat
Episode 4: The Telltale Butthole
Episode 3: The Blue Lonegoon
Episode 2: Proper Dental Care Is MURDER
Episode 1: Begend the Endginning
Episode 6: Dare to Holler
Episode 5: Death Begins at Conception
Episode 4: Fear is Dog Spelled Bassackwards
Episode 3: Holy Meemaw
Episode 2: No Jojo No!
Episode 1: And So It Begends