The IT Crowd (2006)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: At the UK company Reynholm Industries, their corporate high-rise towers are full of beautiful happy people with one success story after another. Well, except for the employees that work in the basement - the IT department. While their colleagues work in fantastic surroundings, Jen, Roy and Moss must work below ground in the dark and horrible basement, struggling to make it into normal society. The IT Crowd is a playful and somewhat surreal look at what it's really like to be the underclass of every company - the IT Department. Read More



Episode 6: Reynholm vs. Reynholm
Episode 5: Bad Boys
Episode 4: Italian for Beginners
Episode 3: Something Happened
Episode 2: The Final Countdown
Episode 1: Jen the Fredo
Episode 6: Calendar Geeks
Episode 5: Friendface
Episode 4: The Speech
Episode 3: Tramps Like Us
Episode 2: Are We Not Men?
Episode 1: From Hell
Episode 6: Men Without Women
Episode 5: Smoke and Mirrors
Episode 4: The Dinner Party
Episode 3: Moss and the German
Episode 2: Return of the Golden Child
Episode 1: The Work Outing
Episode 6: Aunt Irma Visits
Episode 5: The Haunting of Bill Crouse
Episode 4: The Red Door
Episode 3: Fifty-Fifty
Episode 2: Calamity Jen
Episode 1: Yesterday's Jam