The Legend of Mick Dodge (2013)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: 25 years ago, Mick Dodge walked away from the modern world, leaving civilization behind to live alongside nature's wonders in the Olympic Peninsula. Following a primal instinct present throughout generations of his family, Mick ventured deep into the Hoh Rainforest, making his home in the trees and hidden in the moss. Experience the wild life of Mick Dodge, a quirky character whose unique brand of Zen comes from living by his own code – off the land and off the grid. Read More



Episode 12: The Great Games
Episode 11: Forest Feast
Episode 10: Down in the Mouth
Episode 9: To Catch a Thief
Episode 8: Forest Wine
Episode 7: Manhunt
Episode 6: A Dollar Short
Episode 5: Independence Day
Episode 4: Stairway to Heaven
Episode 3: Super Moon
Episode 2: Native Medicine
Episode 1: The Legend Lives
Episode 8: Storm Surge
Episode 7: Mission to Main Street
Episode 6: School of the Wild
Episode 5: Food Run
Episode 4: Naked and Unafraid
Episode 3: Man Down
Episode 2: Call to Arms
Episode 1: The Legend Returns
Episode 12: Winter is Coming
Episode 11: The Harvest
Episode 10: Out of the Wild
Episode 9: Midnight Ambush
Episode 8: Pacific Pilgrimage
Episode 7: Passing the Torch
Episode 6: Gabu is Gone
Episode 5: Forest Under Siege
Episode 4: Mending Mick
Episode 3: Hunger Pains
Episode 2: Trading Up
Episode 1: Meet the Legend