The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail (2014)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Based on the incredibly popular weekly stand-up show in Los Angeles, The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail comes to Comedy Central with a cornucopia of comedy heavy-hitters including Jim Gaffigan, Maria Bamford, Marc Maron, T.J. Miller, Pete Holmes, Rory Scovel, David Koechner, Nick Offerman, Weird Al Yankovic, and many, many more. You’re getting a VIP ticket and a backstage pass to the hottest stand-up show in the country. You’re welcome. Read More



Episode 8: The One with Meltdown and a Murder
Episode 7: The One With Tiny
Episode 6: The One With OCD
Episode 5: The One Without Neil deGrasse Tyson
Episode 4: The One With the Hypnotic Herpes
Episode 3: The One With More Dicks
Episode 2: The One With the Box of Pain
Episode 1: The One With the Improv Troupe
Episode 8: The One with the Horror Stories
Episode 7: The One with the Wedding Stories
Episode 6: The One with Betrayal
Episode 5: The One with the TV Host Perks
Episode 4: The One with the Travel Stories
Episode 3: The One with the Worst Jobs
Episode 2: The One with the Party Fouls
Episode 1: The One With The Childhood Crushes