The Mole (2001)


Genre: Adventure , Game-show , Mystery , Reality-tv

Plot: ABC has officially announced the return of The Mole, the "smartest reality show ever" in which a group of contestants tries to win money by avoiding the machinations of a saboteur in their midst. The network announced the move on an early Tuesday in January 2008, and the announcement was largely greeted with delight by fans, who face a harsh television series with the ongoing television and film writers' strike. The series, tentatively dubbed "Mole 3.0," has cast a new host -- Jon Kelley (ex-anchor of Extra) and promises new challenges and a new interactive element. Stone & Company (formerly Stone Stanley) will continue produce the series. The new season has been picked up for ten episodes, with twelve contestants. Read More



Episode 6: Celebrity Mole: Hawaii Finale
Episode 5: Final Hawaii Games
Episode 4: Departure #4
Episode 3: Departure #3
Episode 2: Departure #2
Episode 1: Celebrity Mole: Hawaii Premiere
Episode 13: The Last Betrayal
Episode 12: The Twelfth Betrayal
Episode 11: The Eleventh Betrayal
Episode 10: The Tenth Betrayal
Episode 9: The Ninth Betrayal
Episode 8: The Eighth Betrayal
Episode 7: The Seventh Betrayal
Episode 6: The Sixth Betrayal
Episode 5: The Fifth Betrayal
Episode 4: The Fourth Betrayal
Episode 3: The Third Betrayal
Episode 2: The Second Betrayal
Episode 1: The First Betrayal
Episode 9: Part the End
Episode 8: Part the Eighth
Episode 7: Part the Seventh
Episode 6: Part the Sixth
Episode 5: Part the Fifth
Episode 4: Part the Fourth
Episode 3: Part the Third
Episode 2: Part the Second
Episode 1: Part the First