The Murder Tapes (2019)


Genre: Crime

Plot: Homicide investigations unfold through taped footage in Investigation Discovery's true-crime series The Murder Tapes. The series provides an up-close perspective of murder cases, including footage from the initial crime scene investigations via body cam, home security tapes, and interrogation room tapes. The footage is interwoven with present-day interviews from friends, family and law enforcement directly involved in the investigations. Read More

Next Episode 5x7 Date: Jun 16th



Episode 6: The Move Out
Episode 3: Footprints in the Snow
Episode 2: I'd Kill Them Again
Episode 1: The Girl in the Park
Episode 10: The Girl in the Crowd
Episode 9: This Guy’s Getting Paranoid
Episode 7: Do You Want to Smell Human Blood?
Episode 6: The Last Laugh
Episode 4: Blind Love
Episode 3: The Great Don Lewis
Episode 1: The Back of the Shed
Episode 6: Twisted Upside Down
Episode 4: Things Weigh on You
Episode 1: Stay With Us, Madison
Episode 7: Tape The Scene
Episode 3: The Bloody Footprint
Episode 2: Puzzle Piece
Episode 5: Don't Go in There
Episode 3: Jane Doe
Episode 2: Scene of the Crime
Episode 1: Albuquerque Ambush