The Odd Couple (2015) (2015)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Oscar's life seems almost perfect...sure he's divorced and his apartment is a mess, but he's the host of a well-known sports show, and is enjoying his bachelor lifestyle in New York City. That is until his college friend, Felix, shows up at Oscar's apartment having just been dumped by his wife. Oscar does his best to console his old buddy and get him back on the dating horse, but his attempts uncover just how unresolved his own feelings are about his ex. Read More



Episode 13: Conscious Odd Coupling
Episode 12: The God Couple
Episode 11: Batman vs. the Penguin
Episode 10: Should She Stay Or Should She Go
Episode 9: My Best Friends Girl
Episode 8: Felix Navidad
Episode 7: The Odd Couples
Episode 6: Eisen Trouble
Episode 5: Miss England
Episode 4: Taffy Days
Episode 3: I Kid, You Not
Episode 2: Food Fight
Episode 1: London Calling
Episode 13: The Ex-Factor
Episode 12: All The Residents’ Men
Episode 11: Road Scholar
Episode 10: Odd Man Out
Episode 9: Chess Nuts
Episode 8: The Dinner Engagement
Episode 7: Make Room For Dani
Episode 6: An Oscar Named Desire
Episode 5: Oscar's Overture
Episode 4: Madison & Son
Episode 3: From Here To Maturity
Episode 2: Unger The Influence
Episode 1: All About Eavesdropping
Episode 12: The Audit Couple
Episode 11: Jealous Island
Episode 10: Enlightening Strikes
Episode 9: Sleeping Dogs Lie
Episode 8: The Unger Games
Episode 7: Secret Agent Man
Episode 6: Heal Thyself
Episode 5: The Wedding Deception
Episode 4: The Blind Leading The Blind Date
Episode 3: The Birthday Party
Episode 2: The Ghostwriter
Episode 1: Pilot