The Onion News Network (2010)


Genre: Comedy , News

Plot: The Onion News Network is the 24-hour cable TV news choice for billions of viewers in 811 countries. Now the hard-hitting, award-winning news you need is available anytime and anywhere you want. Read More



Episode 10: Year in Review
Episode 9: Brooke vs. O'Brady
Episode 8: Artificial Intelligence
Episode 7: Sex in America
Episode 6: Today Now! Special
Episode 5: Exposed, Brooke Alvarez
Episode 4: Dead Reporter
Episode 3: Fantasy Brainwall
Episode 2: Missing Baby Kate
Episode 1: Asteroid Heads to Earth
Episode 10: American Dream
Episode 9: Real America
Episode 8: Stock Market Crash
Episode 7: The Real Obama
Episode 6: Cyber Attack
Episode 5: The Trial of TR-425
Episode 4: Fifth Anniversary
Episode 3: Man-Horse Marriage
Episode 2: Snowlocaust
Episode 1: Enter the FactZone