The Professionals (1977)


Genre: Action , Comedy , Crime

Plot: The Professionals (1977 - 1983) - "Anarchy, acts of terror, crimes against the public. To combat it I've got special men - experts from the Army, the Police - from every service. These are The Professionals." - George Cowley. The Professionals was one of British television's most popular and successful action series of the 1970s and 80s. At their peak in 1980 The Pros were earning as many as 17.6 million viewers. The Professionals began life in early 1977, provisionally titled The A-Squad, in an idea conceived by Brian Clemens, the then head of the independent TV company Avengers Mark I Productions. His aim was to create a rival for Thames television's hugely successful long-running police series The Sweeney. Bodie, Doyle and Cowley could have looked very different to how we remember them as. A number of very different actors were considered for the three central roles, with neither of the final chosen team being the original choices. The final three were more or less drafted in when the first choice stars either declined or were axed. Gordon Jackson (formerly the distinctly unmenacing Butler Hudson in Upstairs Downstairs) and Martin Shaw (whose first TV appearance was as a hippie in 1960s Coronation Street) were first to be cast. During the filming of the first episode, Old Dog with New Tricks Bodie was in fact played by Anthony Andrews. Unfortunately, old mates Shaw and Andrews spent much of the time cracking up with laughter - hardly a recipe for ensuring the renowned edgy banter between the two leads. Lewis Collins (best known by this time as Gavin Rumsey in comedy series The Cuckoo Waltz) was brought in to play Bodie, with Andrews being given the heave-ho. Collins and Shaw had previously worked together just months earlier in an episode of The New Avengers, and were cast alongside each other again thanks to the 'sparky, abrasive' on-screen partnership that they generated. In other words, they didn't particularly like each other! But with the central cast c Read More



Episode 11: No Stone
Episode 10: A Man Called Quinn
Episode 9: The Ojuka Situation
Episode 8: The Untouchables
Episode 7: Cry Wolf
Episode 6: Spy Probe
Episode 5: Discovered in a Graveyard
Episode 4: Lawson's Last Stand
Episode 3: You'll Be All Right
Episode 2: Operation Susie
Episode 1: Foxhole on the Roof
Episode 15: Its Only a Beautiful Picture...
Episode 14: Kickback
Episode 13: Weekend in the Country
Episode 12: Mixed Doubles
Episode 11: Hijack
Episode 10: The Gun
Episode 9: Slush Fund
Episode 8: Blood Sports
Episode 7: Black Out
Episode 6: Take Away
Episode 5: Need To Know
Episode 4: Involvement
Episode 3: Fugitive
Episode 2: Wild Justice
Episode 1: The Acorn Syndrome
Episode 8: Servant of Two Masters
Episode 7: Runner
Episode 6: A Hiding to Nothing
Episode 5: The Madness of Mickey Hamilton
Episode 4: Dead Reckoning
Episode 3: Stopover
Episode 2: Backtrack
Episode 1: The Purging of CI5
Episode 10: Fall Girl
Episode 9: Blind Run
Episode 8: A Stirring of Dust
Episode 7: Not a Very Civil Civil Servant
Episode 6: Rogue
Episode 5: In the Public Interest
Episode 4: Man Without a Past
Episode 3: First Night
Episode 2: The Rack
Episode 1: Hunter/Hunted
Episode 13: Klansmen
Episode 12: Look After Annie
Episode 11: Long Shot
Episode 10: Stakeout
Episode 9: When the Heat Cools Off
Episode 8: Everest Was Also Conquered
Episode 7: Close Quarters
Episode 6: Where the Jungle Ends
Episode 5: Heroes
Episode 4: Killer With a Long Arm
Episode 3: Old Dog With New Tricks
Episode 2: The Female Factor
Episode 1: Private Madness, Public Danger