The Quest (2014)


Genre: Adventure , Fantasy , Game-show , Reality-tv

Plot: The Executive Producer of The Lord of the Rings has joined forces with the creators and producers of The Amazing Race to conjure a land of magic and malevolence, where mythical creatures lurk in the woods. For 12 lucky souls, a fantastic world will come alive in a unique competition series where players will engage in epic challenges. They will enter the world of "Everealm," where mythical creatures and magic span the land, and dark forces are at work with mystical beings to challenge those seeking to win the chance at becoming the hero they always wanted to be. Read More



Episode 10: One True Hero
Episode 9: Escape From Rana Village
Episode 8: The Dragon's Lair
Episode 7: Verlox Attacks
Episode 6: A Traitor in Sanctum
Episode 5: Under Siege
Episode 4: Battle Dome
Episode 3: Save the Queen
Episode 2: Tournament for the Queen
Episode 1: The Quest Begins