The Toxic Crusaders (1991)


Genre: Animation , Action , Comedy , Family , Sci-fi

Plot: The cartoon follows roughly the same plot as the films The Toxic Avenger and it's two succeeding sequels. A complete and hopeless nerd, Melvin, falls into toxic waste and becomes Toxie, a hideously deformed mutant of superhuman size and strength. Teaming with other mutants, No-Zone (whose power comes from radioactive sneezes), Major Disaster (he can control plants), Head-banger (Fender, a singing telegram delivery surfer-type, and Dr. Bender, a stereotype mad scientist, fused together - a hybrid character based on the Siamese twins in "Troma's War") and Junkyard, a dog/hobo hybrid, to become The Toxic Crusaders! Together they fight crime in every sense of the word and finally turn their attention on the Apolalypse Inc. of the movies Toxic Avenger Parts II & III, although in the series the chairman is an alien as opposed to Satan. The series follows the attempts of the crusaders to fight crime and be environmentally safe. Read More



Episode 13: That's No Villain, That's My Mom!
Episode 12: Still Crazy After All These Shears
Episode 11: Nab That Toxie Cab
Episode 10: The Snail Must Go Through
Episode 9: Invasion of the Biddy Snatchers
Episode 8: Toxie Ties the Knot
Episode 7: Mr Earth: Superhero
Episode 6: A Site for Sore Eyes
Episode 5: The Pollution Solution
Episode 4: Tree Troubles
Episode 3: Club Fred
Episode 2: This Spud's for You
Episode 1: The Making of Toxie