The Unexplained Files (2013)


Genre: Sci-fi

Plot: Strange sightings in the sky, mysterious disappearances, strangely terrifying creatures and reports of real UFO encounters. The Unexplained Files is an unabashed telling of some of the world's best and most baffling true stories. Uncover some of the world's most profound and disturbing mysteries with smart investigative journalism and creative style that will launch you into an exploration of the unknown. All of these mysterious phenomena come from credible sources and are accompanied either with some form of primary evidence or multiple witnesses, whose trembling accounts take us on a mysterious journey that ends truly unexplained. In this bizarre, but factual world we discover that seeking explanations often leads to even more compelling questions. Read More



Episode 12: Shadow People and The Sun Miracle
Episode 11: Voodoo Zombies and Life After Death
Episode 10: Mysteries at 30,000 Feet
Episode 9: Lost Giants of Georgia and Bridge of Death
Episode 8: Are Aliens Attacking Our Nuclear Arsenal?
Episode 7: Siberian Lake Serpent and Mystery of the Bosnian Pyramid
Episode 6: Death From the Sky and Mexican Chupacabra
Episode 5: Curse of Flannan Lighthouse and Aleshenka: Russian Mummy
Episode 4: Paranormal Highway of America
Episode 3: Peruvian Alien Skull and Baltic Sea UFO
Episode 2: The Real Exorcist and Elk Extinction
Episode 1: The Yeti
Episode 7: Episode 7
Episode 6: Human Combustion & Carlos de los Santos
Episode 5: Alien Rain, Beach Boom & Voynich Manuscript
Episode 3: Ghost Yacht & Freaky Fires
Episode 2: Livestock Mutilation & Curse of the Ice Mummy
Episode 1: Disappearing Pilot & Texas Blue Dogs