The Yogi Bear Show (1958)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Family

Plot: From his home in Jellystone Park, Yogi Bear dreams of nothing more in life than to outwit as many unsuspecting tourists as he can and grab their prized picnic baskets all while staying one step ahead of the ever-exasperated Ranger Smith. Yogi's little buddy, Boo-Boo, tries to keep Yogi out of trouble but rarely succeeds. That's okay because not even Ranger Smith can stay mad for long at the lovable, irresistible Yogi Bear. Read More



Episode 17: Cagey Lion
Episode 16: Missile Bound Yogi
Episode 15: Disguise and Gals
Episode 14: A Bear Living
Episode 13: Slap Happy Birthday
Episode 12: Bearface Disguise
Episode 11: Love-Bugged Bear
Episode 10: Home-Sweet Jellystone
Episode 9: Cub Scout Boo Boo
Episode 8: Genial Genie
Episode 7: Biggest Show Off on Earth
Episode 6: Bears and Bees
Episode 5: Do or Diet
Episode 4: Spy Guy
Episode 3: A Bear Pair
Episode 2: Gleesome Threesome
Episode 1: Booby Trapped Bear
Episode 16: Bear on a Picnic
Episode 15: Duck in Luck
Episode 14: Be My Guest Pest
Episode 13: The Runaway Bear
Episode 12: The Buzzin' Bear
Episode 11: The Stout Trout
Episode 10: Big Brave Bear
Episode 9: Baffled Bear
Episode 8: High Fly Guy
Episode 7: Tally Ho Ho Ho
Episode 6: The Brave Little Brave
Episode 5: Foxy Hound-Dog
Episode 4: Big Bad Bully
Episode 3: Pie-Pirates
Episode 2: Slumber Party Smarty
Episode 1: Yogi Bear's Big Break