Tijuana (2019)


Genre: Crime , Drama

Plot: When the gubernatorial front-runner is shot in the street, the reporters of Frente Tijuana race to cover the story, but the facts they uncover run much deeper than the assassination-insidious corruption has been allowed to grow in the shadows. Violence and intrigue become the norm for Borja's team of journalists as they risk their lives in their crusade to expose the truth. Read More



Episode 11: Change is the Only Constant
Episode 10: The Photograph
Episode 9: The Journalist's Path
Episode 8: We Will Not Be Silenced
Episode 7: Aftermath
Episode 6: There are some people who you shouldn't mess with
Episode 5: Not Printing is Not Existing
Episode 4: Mueller Ribs
Episode 3: Sinners & Saints
Episode 2: The Funeral
Episode 1: The Candidate