Tin Star (2017)


Genre: Crime , Drama , Thriller , Na

Plot: A brand-new oil refinery is bringing more to the remote Canadian mountain town Little Big Bear than just new workers and new money. Along with them, this once-idyllic community begins to see an incursion of drugs, prostitution, and organized crime. In the midst of this, the new police chief, Jim Worth, has just arrived from London with his family looking for a more peaceful setting to help him stay on the wagon. Instead, a deliberate, violent act tears the family apart, setting Jim's sights on whiskey and revenge. Read More



Episode 6: Come to the Edge
Episode 5: All Roads
Episode 4: Collateral
Episode 3: Loves Young Dream
Episode 2: Commitment
Episode 1: Homecoming
Episode 9: The Unseen
Episode 8: Wild Flower
Episode 7: Subterranean Fire
Episode 6: Age of Anxiety
Episode 5: The Bagman Cometh
Episode 4: Jack and Coke
Episode 3: Consequences
Episode 2: Resist Not Evil
Episode 1: Prairie Gothic
Episode 10: My Love Is Vengeance
Episode 9: Fortunate Boy
Episode 8: This Be the Verse
Episode 7: Exposure
Episode 6: Cuckoo
Episode 5: Bait
Episode 4: Jack
Episode 3: Comfort of Strangers
Episode 2: The Kid
Episode 1: Fun and (S)laughter