To Catch a Smuggler (2012)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: This NatGeo series follows Homeland Security officers at New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport as they deal with cases ranging from fraudulent visas to human trafficking. Read More



Episode 8: Dark Web and Liquid Drugs
Episode 7: Coke Cakes and Cash
Episode 6: Stash House Takedown
Episode 5: Hidden Compartments
Episode 3: Party Drugs
Episode 2: The Coke Inside
Episode 1: Mama's Meth
Episode 8: Decoys, Diversions and Drug Busts
Episode 7: Cocaine Sausages
Episode 6: Drugs, Guns and Money
Episode 5: Smuggle Once, Smuggle Twice?
Episode 4: Cocaine Crackdown
Episode 3: Suspicious Suitcase
Episode 1: Internal Investigation
Episode 6: Episode 6
Episode 5: Search & Seize
Episode 4: Coke in the Coat
Episode 3: Hidden Heroin
Episode 2: Cavity Courier
Episode 1: Courier to Kingpin