Tokyo Vampire Hotel (2017)


Genre: Drama , Horror

Plot: Manni suddenly encounters mass murder at a pub on the 22nd birthday day. From the Izakaya, the people who ran away because of their lives, are targeted from K of the Dracula tribe and Yamada of the Neo Vampire tribe of the Corbin tribe. Manami was a child of destiny that was predicted to save the Dracula clan. Manami is about to be caught up in K, is taken away to the Yamada of the Corvin of Anti-Dracula, and they are confined in the Tokyo Vampire Hotel, also called Hotel ยท Requiem, who runs against people. And the Korbin tribes had advanced a terrible plan using this hotel. The plan is to collect a large number of human young men and women, tell the end of the world, choose to survive in this powerful shelter hotel and to secure food (human blood) for the rest of my life. What is the mission of K? What is the fate of Manami? And the battle between mankind and Vampire and Neo Vampire begins. Read More



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