Top Wing (2017)


Genre: Animation , Action , Adventure , Family

Plot: Best friends and cadets-in-training Swift, Penny, Rod, and Brody congregate at Top Wing Academy, where they learn what it takes to gain their wings and become rescue birds on Big Swirl Island. Swift is a blue jay and the fastest pilot at the academy; Penny, the only female in the group, is a penguin, and she is an expert at undersea life; Brody is a puffin who takes a more land approach, and Rod is a rooster who is ready to fly around Big Swirl Island in his all-terrain vehicle. The four friends are joined by their mentor Speedy, who helps the cadets on their different missions. "Top Wing" focuses on the importance of teamwork and the ability to successfully solve problems. Read More



Episode 17: Rod's Big Jump
Episode 16: Penny's Deep Sea Dive
Episode 15: Rod's Dream of Flying
Episode 14: Chicks on the Loose
Episode 13: Turtle Train Rescue
Episode 12: The Great Flash Wing Rescue
Episode 11: Shirley Squirrely Flies Away
Episode 10: Penny's Polar Bear Rescue
Episode 9: Winging It
Episode 6: Rod's Beary Brave Save
Episode 5: Treasure Map Mission
Episode 4: Lemon Pirates
Episode 2: Rod Cockadoodle Didn't
Episode 1: Time to Earn Our Wings