Toy Hunter (2012)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Even though Jordan Hembrough grew up in the 1970s, he is still a kid at heart. Hembrough is a collectibles dealer specializing in the toy market, a job that is always taking him back in time. This reality series follows Hembrough as he travels the country in search of hidden treasures to sell to his buyers around the world. His reputation for being the ``in-demand dealer'' of rare toys precedes him, but it also adds to the pressure of the hunts, and in order to deliver the goods, Hembrough often has to deal with reluctant sellers, relentlessly haggle to stay within his budgets, and maneuver around unforeseen roadblocks. Originally aired on Travel Channel as Toy Hunters. Read More



Episode 13: Live and Let Play
Episode 12: Chewy Mexico Toys
Episode 11: 90s Flashbacks
Episode 10: Toys, Toys, Baby
Episode 9: Superhero Sanctuary
Episode 8: Toy Touchdown
Episode 7: The Duke of Toys
Episode 6: Taboo Toys
Episode 5: Money Masters
Episode 4: $25,000 Toys Ahoy!
Episode 3: Giant Toys
Episode 2: $28k Wonder Woman
Episode 1: Rapping DMC Toys
Episode 13: Caribbean Booty
Episode 12: Buck Rodgers Bet
Episode 11: Toy Tycoon
Episode 10: Playing with Fire
Episode 9: GI Jackpot
Episode 8: Nerd of Mouth
Episode 7: 80's Flashbax
Episode 6: Buying 4 Bonaduce
Episode 5: Battle for Seattle
Episode 4: Finding Bigfoot
Episode 3: Chi Toy-Town
Episode 2: Toy Lovers
Episode 1: KISS and Tell
Episode 13: Comic Con NYC
Episode 12: Houston, The Toys Have Landed
Episode 11: Boston Toy Party
Episode 10: Southern Space Chase
Episode 9: Taking Tennessee
Episode 8: West Coast Wonders
Episode 7: It's Chiller Time
Episode 6: Mississippi Menace
Episode 5: Prehistoric Pennsylvania
Episode 4: Million Dollar Magazine
Episode 3: Texas Toy Step
Episode 2: Rise From Ashland
Episode 1: Jersey Shore