Tyler Perry’s Ruthless (2020)


Genre: Drama

Plot: A spinoff of "The Oval," follows Ruth Truesdale as she's forced to play nice with a scandalous religious cult of powerful sex crazed fanatics in the hopes of freeing herself and her daughter. Read More



Episode 24: Out of Time
Episode 23: Live Bait
Episode 22: Into the Woods
Episode 21: Two Days
Episode 20: The Dark Walkers
Episode 19: The Purge
Episode 18: Drinking My Scotch
Episode 17: Unnatural Acts
Episode 16: Quid Pro Quo
Episode 15: On Assignment
Episode 14: The Restful Sleep
Episode 13: An Angel From Heaven
Episode 12: Wicked Acts
Episode 11: The Devil’s Brew
Episode 10: The Closer
Episode 9: To Be Chosen
Episode 8: Heaven On Earth
Episode 7: The Outsiders
Episode 6: Lost
Episode 5: The Chosen
Episode 4: Waiting for Tomorrow
Episode 3: The Holy Ground
Episode 2: The Precious Jewel
Episode 1: Pilot