Ugly Betty (2006)


Genre: Comedy , Drama , Romance

Plot: Smart but wholesome Betty embraces her unique appearance and independent attitude in the cutthroat world of New York fashion. It's amazing how Betty can stay true to herself, no matter how much drama the fashionistas throw her way. With the help of her proud yet far-from-glamorous family from Queens, Betty will continue to have big dreams and deal with any obstacle in her own unique style. Read More



Episode 20: Hello Goodbye
Episode 19: The Past Presents the Future
Episode 18: London Calling
Episode 17: Million Dollar Smile
Episode 16: All the World's a Stage
Episode 15: Fire and Nice
Episode 14: Smokin' Hot
Episode 13: Chica and the Man
Episode 12: Blackout!
Episode 11: Back in Her Place
Episode 10: The Passion of the Betty
Episode 9: Be-Shure
Episode 8: The Bahamas Triangle
Episode 7: Level (7) With Me
Episode 6: Backseat Betty
Episode 5: Plus None
Episode 4: The Wiener, the Bun, and the Boob
Episode 3: Blue on Blue
Episode 1: The Butterfly Effect (1)
Episode 24: The Fall Issue
Episode 23: Curveball
Episode 22: In the Stars
Episode 21: The Born Identity
Episode 20: Rabbit Test
Episode 19: The Sex Issue
Episode 18: A Mother of a Problem
Episode 17: Sugar Daddy
Episode 16: Things Fall Apart
Episode 15: There's No Place Like Mode
Episode 14: The Courtship of Betty's Father
Episode 13: Kissed Off
Episode 12: Sisters on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
Episode 11: Dress for Success
Episode 10: Bad Amanda
Episode 9: When Betty Met YETI
Episode 8: Tornado Girl
Episode 7: Crush'd
Episode 6: Ugly Berry
Episode 5: Granny Pants
Episode 4: Betty Suarez Land
Episode 3: Crimes of Fashion
Episode 2: Filing for the Enemy
Episode 1: The Manhattan Project
Episode 18: Jump
Episode 17: The Kids Are Alright
Episode 16: Betty's Baby Bump
Episode 15: Burning Questions
Episode 14: Twenty-Four Candles
Episode 13: A Thousand Words Before Friday
Episode 12: Odor in the Court
Episode 11: Zero Worship
Episode 10: Bananas for Betty
Episode 9: Giving Up the Ghost
Episode 8: I See Me, I.C.U.
Episode 7: A Nice Day for a Posh Wedding
Episode 6: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Episode 5: A League of Their Own
Episode 4: Grin and Bear It
Episode 3: Betty's Wait Problem
Episode 2: Family/Affair
Episode 1: How Betty Got Her Grieve Back
Episode 23: East Side Story
Episode 22: A Tree Grows in Guadalajara
Episode 21: Secretaries Day
Episode 20: Petra-Gate
Episode 19: Punch Out
Episode 18: Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Episode 17: Icing on the Cake
Episode 16: Derailed
Episode 15: Brothers
Episode 14: I'm Coming Out
Episode 13: In or Out
Episode 12: Sofia's Choice
Episode 11: Swag
Episode 10: Fake Plastic Snow
Episode 9: Lose the Boss?
Episode 8: Four Thanksgivings and a Funeral
Episode 7: After Hours
Episode 6: Trust, Lust, and Must
Episode 5: The Lyin', the Watch and the Wardrobe
Episode 4: Fey's Sleigh Ride
Episode 3: Queens for a Day
Episode 2: The Box and the Bunny
Episode 1: Pilot