Unearthed (2016) (2016)


Genre: Documentary , History , Mystery

Plot: Unearthed decodes mysteries and combines scientific investigations with CGI animation to reveal the hidden secrets of iconic structures and monuments from around the globe to discover how they were designed, built, used, and in some cases, lost and rediscovered. Read More



Episode 7: Secrets of the Sunken Empire
Episode 6: Secrets of Seahenge
Episode 2: Rome's Gate to Hell
Episode 11: Seven Wonders of Ancient America
Episode 10: Egypt's Greatest Wonders
Episode 8: Egypt's Sunken Treasures
Episode 7: Jericho's Buried Secrets
Episode 6: Lost World of Atlantis
Episode 5: Twin Towers: The Hidden Secrets
Episode 4: Curse of the Hindenburg
Episode 3: Secrets of the Black Pyramid
Episode 2: Draining the Bermuda Triangle
Episode 1: Lost City of Babylon
Episode 13: Lost Kingdom of Kush
Episode 12: Rome's Great Wall
Episode 11: Alcatraz's Hidden Secrets
Episode 10: Hunt for the First Pyramid
Episode 9: Secrets of the Seven Wonders
Episode 8: Ghosts of the Wild West
Episode 7: Leaning Tower of Pisa: The New Mystery
Episode 6: Hitler's Lost Bunker
Episode 5: Tower of Babel: The New Evidence
Episode 4: Mount Rushmore: The Hidden Secrets
Episode 3: Lost City of Troy
Episode 2: Vesuvius's Secret Victim
Episode 1: Egypt's Buried City
Episode 8: Mystery of the Ice Mummy
Episode 7: Dead Sea Scrolls: The Dark Truth
Episode 6: Finding Sparta's 300
Episode 5: Pompeii's Evil Twin
Episode 4: Curse of the Seventh Wonder
Episode 3: Nero's Lost Palace
Episode 2: Empire State Building: The New Secrets
Episode 1: Mysteries in the Alien Desert
Episode 10: Ghosts of the Stone Age
Episode 9: Lost City of the Maya
Episode 8: Ramses' Buried Treasures
Episode 7: Curse of the Jungle Treasure
Episode 6: Egypt's Lost Skyscrapers
Episode 5: Inca Apocalypse: The Dark Evidence
Episode 4: Secrets of the Forbidden City
Episode 3: Pompeii's Doomsday Mummies
Episode 2: Mystery of the Cursed Pyramid
Episode 1: Titanic: The Last Secrets
Episode 7: Wrath of Attila the Hun
Episode 6: Lost World of Easter Island
Episode 5: Hunt for the Real Atlantis
Episode 4: Statue of Liberty: The New Secrets
Episode 3: Forbidden City of the Pharaohs
Episode 2: Lost Pyramids of the Americas
Episode 1: Viking City of the Dead
Episode 12: Lost City of the Desert
Episode 11: Lost World of the Colosseum
Episode 10: Sex, Lies, and the Taj Mahal
Episode 9: Mystery of Egypt's Mega Temple
Episode 8: Treasures of the Terracotta Army
Episode 7: Hidden City of the Incas
Episode 6: Hunt for King Arthur's Castle
Episode 5: Ghosts of Stonehenge
Episode 4: Secret History of the Sphinx
Episode 3: Lost Temples of the Jungle
Episode 2: Curse of the Blood Pyramids
Episode 1: Tut's Buried Secrets
Episode 6: Secrets at the Palace
Episode 5: House of Holy Relics
Episode 4: Summit of the Gods
Episode 3: Ghosts of the Great Wall
Episode 2: Dark Secrets of the Pyramid
Episode 1: Mayan City of Blood