Versailles (2015)


Genre: Biography , Drama , History , Romance , War

Plot: In the wake of the Fronde in 1667, the French nobility have begun to defy and disobey the monarchy. Young King Louis XIV decides to move the court from the Ch√Ęteau de Saint-Germain-en-Laye near Paris to his father's former hunting lodge near the hamlet of Versailles as a means to force their submission. As Louis renovates and expands his new Palace of Versailles, the nobles-displaced from their usual surroundings but compelled to surround the king-become embroiled in increasingly dangerous intrigues. Read More



Episode 10: The Legacy
Episode 9: The Tinderbox
Episode 8: Of Gods and Men
Episode 7: The Book of Revelations
Episode 6: The Wheel of Fortune
Episode 5: The Afterlife
Episode 4: Crime and Punishment
Episode 3: The Truth Will Burst
Episode 2: Trust Issues
Episode 1: Smoke and Mirrors
Episode 10: Of Blood and Stone
Episode 9: Seven Shadows
Episode 8: The New Regime
Episode 7: A Night
Episode 6: The Sands Of Time
Episode 5: War And Peace
Episode 4: Miasma
Episode 3: Who Will Guard the Guards Themselves
Episode 2: A Still Small Voice
Episode 1: The Labyrinth
Episode 10: Bring the Garden Here
Episode 9: Etiquette
Episode 8: Diplomacy
Episode 7: Revelations
Episode 6: Invalides
Episode 5: Bow to Your King
Episode 4: The Road
Episode 3: Mirror for Princes
Episode 2: I Am the State
Episode 1: Welcome to Versailles