Wanted: Dead or Alive (1958)


Genre: Western

Plot: Wanted: Dead or Alive originally aired in Black and white on CBS. The pilot aired on the series "Trackdown" in March 1958. Bounty hunter Josh Randall was unlike any bounty hunter, he usually gave half or all of his reward money to good causes. He was a gentlemen and very respectful of the elderly. He was a man of few words and seemed to lack emotion but he was adept at using his gun, not an ordinary gun but a .44-.40 sawed-off 1892 Winchester carbine which he had on his "Mare's Leig", BUT the cartridges in his belt were .45-.70! His catch phrase in almost every episode was "Let's Go" which he spoke softly and sounded more like les goo. A treasure one not to be missed, especially to see Mr. Cool himself, Steve McQueen. Read More



Episode 26: Barney's Bounty
Episode 25: Dead Reckoning
Episode 24: The Long Search
Episode 23: Monday Morning
Episode 22: Detour
Episode 21: El Gato
Episode 20: The Voice of Silence
Episode 19: Epitaph
Episode 18: Hero in the Dust
Episode 17: Bounty on Josh
Episode 16: The Last Retreat
Episode 15: Baa-Baa
Episode 14: Witch Woman
Episode 13: Three for One
Episode 12: The Choice
Episode 11: One Mother Too Many
Episode 10: The Medicine Man
Episode 9: Criss-Cross
Episode 8: To the Victor
Episode 7: Surprise Witness
Episode 6: The Showdown
Episode 5: The Twain Shall Meet
Episode 4: The Looters
Episode 3: Journey for Josh
Episode 2: The Cure
Episode 1: The Trial
Episode 32: Pay-Off at Pinto
Episode 31: Prison Trail
Episode 30: The Inheritance
Episode 29: Death Divided by Three
Episode 28: Vendetta
Episode 27: The Pariah
Episode 26: Black Belt
Episode 25: Triple Vice
Episode 24: A House Divided
Episode 23: Tolliver Bender
Episode 22: The Partners
Episode 21: Jason
Episode 20: The Most Beautiful Woman
Episode 19: The Monster
Episode 18: Angela
Episode 17: Mental Lapse
Episode 16: Vanishing Act
Episode 15: Chain Gang
Episode 14: Man on Horseback
Episode 13: No Trail Back
Episode 12: Twelve Hours to Crazy Horse
Episode 11: Desert Seed
Episode 10: Reckless
Episode 9: The Tyrant
Episode 8: Bad Gun
Episode 7: The Empty Cell
Episode 6: The Hostage
Episode 5: Estralita
Episode 4: Breakout
Episode 3: The Matchmaker
Episode 2: The Healing Woman
Episode 1: Montana Kid