Watchmen (2008)


Genre: Animation , Action , Drama , Sci-fi

Plot: The Watchmen: Motion Comic is a 2008 American animated short film series of motion comics for web and television based on the comic book series Watchmen, written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons. The series consists of twelve abridged 25–30 minute segments, each based on and sharing a name with one of the twelve chapters of the book. Both male and female characters are voiced by actor Tom Stechschulte. It was released on DVD in March 2009 to coincide with the Watchmen movie’s release. Read More



Episode 12: Chapter XII - A Stronger Loving World
Episode 11: Chapter XI - Look On My Works, Ye Mighty...
Episode 10: Chapter X - Two Riders Were Approaching...
Episode 9: Chapter IX - The Darkness of Mere Being
Episode 8: Chapter VIII - Old Ghosts
Episode 7: Chapter VII - A Brother To Dragons
Episode 6: Chapter VI - The Abyss Gazes Also
Episode 5: Chapter V - Fearful Symmetry
Episode 4: Chapter IV - Watchmaker
Episode 3: Chapter III - The Judge of All the Earth
Episode 2: Chapter II - Absent Friends
Episode 1: Chapter I - At Midnight, All the Agents...