Web of Lies (2014)


Genre: Documentary , Crime

Plot: In the online world, you never really know who you're talking to. This series reveals stories of deception and homicide triggered by online interactions. From the black widow wives hiding behind alter-egos to jilted lovers stalking their exes, from obsessive lovers enacting their disturbing fantasies to shocking tales of kidnap, violence and deception - each episode follows stories with jaw-dropping twists and turns as the web of lies is revealed. Read More



Episode 10: Web of Spies
Episode 9: Cruel Intentions
Episode 8: The Enemy Within
Episode 7: Never Let Her Go
Episode 6: Tortured Hero
Episode 5: The Model Predator
Episode 4: Lonesome Cowboy
Episode 3: Virtual Hitchhiking
Episode 2: I See You
Episode 1: Killer Chatroom
Episode 10: Fatal Fa├žade
Episode 7: Murder Goes Live
Episode 6: The Social Media Butterfly
Episode 4: Exposed
Episode 3: The Devil's Pact
Episode 1: Love at First Text
Episode 4: California Scheming
Episode 2: In Dark Corners
Episode 12: Catfished
Episode 10: The Candyman
Episode 6: Hitman 4 Hire
Episode 4: Casual Encounters
Episode 1: Cyber Psycho