Weediquette (2013)


Genre: Documentary , News

Plot: VICE correspondent Krishna Andavolu chronicles the science, culture, and economics of the emerging “green” economy. Each episode explores the impact of marijuana legalization across the United States and internationally, examining how people on all sides of this issue are reacting to the growing popularity and acceptance of this remarkable plant. Read More



Episode 10: Between Life and Dope
Episode 9: Colombian Gold
Episode 8: Possessed by Pot
Episode 7: Dank New World
Episode 6: High Risk Pregnancies
Episode 5: Chronic Trauma
Episode 4: Stoned Driving
Episode 3: Pot Pipeline
Episode 2: Herb for Autism
Episode 1: Deported for Dope
Episode 8: God on High
Episode 7: Search and Seizure
Episode 6: Reefer Rehab
Episode 5: Going Legit
Episode 4: Prohibition UK
Episode 3: Pot Powwow
Episode 2: Gridiron Ganja
Episode 1: Stoned Parents
Episode 8: Half Baked
Episode 7: Mary Janes
Episode 6: Cannabis in Congo
Episode 5: The Emerald Triangle
Episode 4: Marijuana Migrants
Episode 3: War on Weed
Episode 2: Stoned Vets
Episode 1: Stoned Kids