WKRP in Cincinnati (1978)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: When a Cincinnati radio station switches from sedate music to top-40 rock 'n' roll, its staff of oddball characters is forced to switch gears quickly. New programming director Andy Travis brings in a new DJ named Venus Flytrap to work with the station's burned-out veteran, Dr. Johnny Fever. Neurotic newsman Les Nessman, eager beaver Bailey Quarters, sleazy salesman Herb Tarlek, blonde bombshell Jennifer Marlowe, who serves as the station's ultra-capable receptionist, and station manager Arthur Carlson, whose domineering mother owns WKRP, round out the eccentric bunch. Read More



Episode 22: Up and Down the Dial
Episode 21: To Err is Human
Episode 20: The Impossible Dream
Episode 19: The Creation of Venus
Episode 18: Dear Liar
Episode 17: Fire
Episode 16: Circumstantial Evidence
Episode 15: I'll Take Romance
Episode 14: Jennifer and Johnny's Charity
Episode 13: Changes
Episode 12: Pills
Episode 11: You Can't Go Out of Town Again
Episode 10: Love, Exciting and New
Episode 9: The Consultant
Episode 8: Jennifer and the Will
Episode 7: Three Days of the Condo
Episode 6: Who's on First?
Episode 5: Straight from the Heart
Episode 4: Rumors
Episode 3: The Union
Episode 2: An Explosive Affair (Part 2)
Episode 1: An Explosive Affair (Part 1)
Episode 21: Clean Up Radio Everywhere
Episode 20: Till Debt Do Us Part
Episode 19: Nothing to Fear But...
Episode 18: A Simple Little Wedding
Episode 17: Out to Lunch
Episode 16: Secrets of Dayton Heights
Episode 15: I Am Woman
Episode 14: Ask Jennifer
Episode 13: Dr. Fever and Mr. Tide
Episode 12: Venus and the Man
Episode 11: Frog Story
Episode 10: Daydreams
Episode 9: The Painting
Episode 8: Baby, It's Cold Inside
Episode 7: Bah, Humbug
Episode 6: A Mile in My Shoes
Episode 5: Hotel Oceanview
Episode 4: The Baby
Episode 3: Real Families
Episode 2: Jennifer Moves
Episode 1: The Airplane Show
Episode 24: Most Improved Station
Episode 23: Venus Rising
Episode 21: Filthy Pictures (1)
Episode 20: The Doctor's Daughter
Episode 19: In Concert
Episode 18: Les' Groupie
Episode 17: The Americanization of Ivan
Episode 16: Put Up or Shut Up
Episode 15: Herb's Dad
Episode 14: A Family Affair
Episode 13: God Talks to Johnny
Episode 12: Sparky
Episode 11: Jennifer's Home for Christmas
Episode 10: Bailey's Big Break
Episode 9: Baby, If You've Ever Wondered
Episode 8: Patter of Little Feet
Episode 7: Mike Fright
Episode 6: Carlson for President
Episode 5: Jennifer Falls in Love
Episode 4: Bad Risk
Episode 3: Baseball
Episode 2: For Love or Money (2)
Episode 1: For Love or Money (1)
Episode 22: Preacher
Episode 21: Fish Story
Episode 20: Young Master Carlson
Episode 19: I Do, I Do... For Now
Episode 18: Who Is Gordon Sims?
Episode 17: A Commercial Break
Episode 16: I Want to Keep My Baby
Episode 15: Never Leave Me, Lucille
Episode 14: Johnny Comes Back
Episode 13: Goodbye, Johnny
Episode 12: Tornado
Episode 11: The Contest Nobody Could Win
Episode 10: A Date with Jennifer
Episode 9: Mama's Review
Episode 8: Love Returns
Episode 7: Turkeys Away
Episode 6: Bailey's Show
Episode 5: Hold-Up
Episode 4: Hoodlum Rock
Episode 3: Les on a Ledge
Episode 2: Pilot, Part 2
Episode 1: Pilot