WMAC Masters (1995)


Genre: Action , Family , Sport

Plot: WMAC Masters is an American live-action television show produced by Norman Grossfeld featuring choreographed martial arts fights. It was created and licensed by 4Kids Entertainment. The show, while featuring real martial arts by trained martial artists, depicted a fantasy setting using fictional episodic stories, with each episode relating a life lesson. Battles were fought on elaborate closed sets, with an omniscient narrator, on-screen scoring and health gauges, giving the show a feel of a cinematic live-action video game. WMAC stands for the fictional World Martial Arts Council, where the best martial artists compete for the ultimate prize, the Dragon Star. The Dragon Star is a gold trophy that looks like a shuriken surrounded by a dragon; it was proof that its holder was the best martial artist in the world. Read More



Episode 13: The Turning Points of the Masters
Episode 12: Vision of Evil: Part 2
Episode 11: Vision of Evil: Part 1
Episode 10: Name of the Game
Episode 9: Mixed Doubles
Episode 8: Super Challenge 3
Episode 7: Bad Blood
Episode 6: Battle of the Brothers
Episode 5: Wizard and Warlock
Episode 4: Fired Up
Episode 3: Ladies Night
Episode 2: Dragon Star Rematch
Episode 1: Showdown: Part 2
Episode 13: Showdown: Part 1
Episode 12: Reaching the Top
Episode 11: Icebreaker
Episode 10: Blindsided
Episode 9: Double Dragon Star Match
Episode 8: The Jokes On You
Episode 7: Quest For The Dragon Star
Episode 6: Ninja Challenge
Episode 5: A Man Can Dream
Episode 4: Broken Promise
Episode 3: Going for Gold
Episode 2: Brothers in Arms
Episode 1: Meet the Masters