Xavier: Renegade Angel (2007)


Genre: Animation , Adventure , Comedy

Plot: The show follows Xavier, a rather strange-looking faun-like wanderer/seeker (complete with snake hand, backwards knees, a beak and six nipples) who is traveling across the land to find out the truth about his mysterious and uncertain origin. Xavier meets all kinds of different folk on his journey who he bores to tears with self obsessed tales about his life and his ability to "blow minds," and encounters rednecks who don't take kindly to his appearance. He speaks in a low, gruff, movie trailer-type tone that accentuates his narcissistic rambling. Although Xavier has a sense of morality and means well, he tends to cause havoc wherever he goes, attempting to help characters along the way, but unknowingly making situations worse due to total incompetence. In the pilot episode, we see in a flash-back that he burnt his house down as an adolescent whilst practicing a spiritual ritual. The fire killed his adoptive parents, yet he is totally oblivious that it was his fault, and is still out to find whoever is responsible. When asked if he has any powers, he is heard to say "powers are for the weak," yet the truth is that he has few, if any, as he is incapable of executing them efficiently. Read More



Episode 10: Braingeas Final Cranny
Episode 9: Damnesia You
Episode 8: Kharmarabionic Lotion
Episode 7: Going Normal
Episode 6: Damnesia Vu
Episode 5: Free Range Manibalism
Episode 4: Haunted Tonk
Episode 3: El Tornadador
Episode 2: Xavier's Maneuver
Episode 1: Vibracaust
Episode 10: Shakashuri Blowdown
Episode 9: Signs From Godrilla
Episode 8: Escape From Squatopian Freedom
Episode 7: Bloodcorn
Episode 6: World of Hurt, BC
Episode 5: Pet Siouxicide
Episode 4: The 6th Teat of Good Intentions
Episode 3: Weapons Grade Life
Episode 2: Chief Beef Loco
Episode 1: What Life D-D-Doth