Z Nation (2014)


Genre: Action , Comedy , Drama , Horror , Sci-fi , Romance

Plot: Z Nation is a dynamic ensemble drama that will plunge viewers into a fully-imagined, post-zombie America and take them on adventures with a diverse group of richly-drawn characters. Getting to know the reluctant heroes, their flaws, idiosyncrasies, and moral dilemmas will ultimately become the heart of the show. Z Nation starts three years after the zombie virus has gutted the country, a team of everyday heroes must transport the only known survivor of the plague from New York to California, where the last functioning viral lab waits for his blood. Read More



Episode 13: The End of Everything
Episode 12: At All Cost
Episode 11: Hackerville
Episode 10: State of Mine
Episode 9: Water Keepers
Episode 8: Heartland
Episode 7: Doc's Stoned History
Episode 6: Limbo
Episode 5: Killing All the Books
Episode 4: Pacifica
Episode 3: Escape from Altura
Episode 2: A New Life
Episode 1: Welcome to the Newpocalypse
Episode 13: The Black Rainbow
Episode 12: Mt. Weather
Episode 11: Return to Mercy Labs
Episode 10: Frenemies
Episode 9: We Interrupt This Program
Episode 8: Crisis of Faith
Episode 7: Warren's Wedding
Episode 6: Back From the Undead
Episode 5: The Unknowns
Episode 4: A New Mission: Keep Moving
Episode 3: The Vanishing
Episode 2: Escape from Zona
Episode 1: Warren's Dream
Episode 14: Everybody Dies in the End
Episode 13: Duel
Episode 12: The Siege of Murphytown
Episode 11: Doc's Angels
Episode 10: They Grow Up So Quickly
Episode 9: Heart of Darkness
Episode 8: Election Day
Episode 7: Welcome to Murphytown
Episode 6: Doc Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Episode 5: Little Red and the Wolfz
Episode 4: Escorpion and the Red Hand
Episode 3: Murphy's Miracle
Episode 2: A New Mission
Episode 1: No Mercy
Episode 15: All Good Things Must Come to an End
Episode 14: Day One
Episode 13: AdiĆ³s, Muchachos
Episode 12: Party With the Zeros
Episode 11: Corporate Retreat
Episode 10: We Were Nowhere Near the Grand Canyon
Episode 9: RoZwell
Episode 8: The Collector
Episode 7: Down the Mississippi
Episode 6: Zombie Baby Daddy
Episode 5: Zombaby!
Episode 4: Batch 47
Episode 3: Zombie Road
Episode 2: White Light
Episode 1: The Murphy
Episode 13: Doctor of the Dead
Episode 12: Murphy's Law
Episode 11: Sisters of Mercy
Episode 10: Going Nuclear
Episode 9: Die, Zombie, Die... Again
Episode 8: Zunami
Episode 7: Welcome to the Fu-Bar
Episode 6: Resurrection Z
Episode 5: Home Sweet Zombie
Episode 4: Full Metal Zombie
Episode 3: Philly Feast
Episode 2: Fracking Zombies
Episode 1: Puppies and Kittens